Child Rearing Tips

What’s going on inside that cute little head? Do they at least think and learn? And what can parents do to better understand and help their kids?

All the latest research has really telling us that kids are learning so much in their earliest moments. Sarah Rosebarry is director of education for the Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences in Washington.

They study childhood development for the first 5 years of life. Research points that this is the most important stage in brain development in children.

What method is a series of free online outreach modules to teach everything from the importance of early interactions to understanding emotions.

You should read for your children. Choose books with good moral values.

The work that they do has helped parents immensely with the development of their children. Because they are working with real communities, they can really work together with brain development research.

It is important to play with your children. Parents know that understanding the needs of your toddlers can be very tiring. So, asking for help can be a huge impact on childhood relationships.

Language development is very important so that your child can verbally express themselves. People don’t think that babies don’t understand, but they do understand.

Tell them that you’re going out for example. This is the way to model how to communicate with your child.

0-6 years old which is the infancy. This is when your child is just absorbing the environment. There is a click that happens, because they are actually making eye contact.