6 Facts About Childhood Development

It is always an exciting time when your child is just growing up. Here are 6 facts to know more about this stage.

1. Good nutrition leads to more stable moods, increases in ability to pay attention and improved memory.

2. Loving and consistent care-giving leads to a brain that has an ability to learn to delay gratification, problem solve, and have empathy for others.

3. At birth, the brain has 200 billion brain cells called neurons.

The brain grows 1.7 grams a day during the first year of the baby. Communication across different regions of the developing brain occurs most rapidly during the first two years of life. By age two, the brain reaches about 75% of adult weight. Toddlers have more than 100 trillion cell connections called synapses at age two, the most they’ll ever have in their life. By age two, the brain structure has the overall appearance of the adult brain.


4. 60% of an infant’s energy intake from food is used for brain growth.

DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid and choline, an essential nutrient are critical building blocks for the developing brain. Calcium and vitamin D which promotes calcium absorption help strengthen bones and teeth.

5. Babies need loving interaction, touch, and parents that are tuned into their needs, as much as they need nutrition.

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243324324 At 2+ years, toddlers imitate behavior of others especially adults and older children.

6. By age one, infants typically understand about 70 words, but speak only a handful of them.

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