What are the Early Childhood Stages

Childhood is the most welcomed stage in a person’s life and to their parents. It’s the start of a relationship that cannot be broken, that is, becoming a family. When a person becomes an adult and experience much pressure and burden they say they want to become children again. Remembering the times where they played, act innocent and under the care of their parents. Even though they have distance from their parents but when given chance they rushed home and spend time with their parents.

Early childhood start from infancy until 8 years old. Let’s know some abilities that develop while growing.

  • From age 1: Making sounds.
  • From age 2:Can eat on their own.
  • By age 3: Can learn body parts and repeat series of words.
  • By age 4: Can answer simple questions like “How old are you”?
  • By age 5: Can repeat sentences and cut with scissors.
  • By age 6: Can read words.
  • By age 7: Understand the concept of time and season or years.
  • By age 8: Can converse like an adult.

Accordingly, children are the future of the world harnessing their talents and abilities are important and it starts at an early childhood. Though there are many hindrances by the environment but it can be eased by the help of the parents. Parents are the first educators or teachers. It’s where they can be mold to be happy, contented and contributing to the improvement of the society, anonymous.  Knowing these simple early childhood stages can help parents raised their child as great adults.”