Where should we expose our children to at an early age

Where should we expose our children to at an early age? This is a question that we must not take lightly. Many parents have their own ways of raising their child but they must understand it has effect on the child’s future. Parents are the first teachers and are the ones who must mold their child into a person who fear God and will live an upright life. There are many choices parents can consider to where they should expose their children to at an early age.

A parent from the said these would be good guidelines”:

1.Parents can choose the world of arts and music.
Go and see a theatrical play.
2.How about reading at an early age?
Reading is not just for geeks. It’s for every human mind.
3.Should we include technology?
This is digital age and we cannot really avoid.
4.The call of nature
Once in a while go hiking or picnic activity.
5.Expanding the mind through culture exposition?
How about understanding what culture your neighboring country has?

A child is God’s gift but they become different when they grow up into an adult. Foreseeing their future, parents should take an active participation into transforming their child to be God fearing and living an upright life. an 室內設計 employee said that “There are many ways to use to know where we should expose our children to at an early age. Using technology is the cheapest and easiest way to educate them but should be followed by actual experience that can truly change and touch children’s heart.”