How to raise a child to become a leader

A leader is a person who takes responsibility of actions within a group. Our society needs a leader to give birth to a successful generation of tomorrow.  I believe leadership starts at home. Our parents’ leadership will teach us what a leadership is. I don’t mean that only the leaders of the country are leaders. How can a child become a leader?

  1. Leading Parents

Home is the first place where a child can have a taste on how and what life is like.

Parents are already leaders of the family. So it is natural for the children to follow. How children are brought up would affect the mentality of children.

  1. Work Exposure
  2. Social communication
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  3. Optimistic MindMiranda Marquit teaches that “to teach your children money management you need to allow them to make mistakes. Have them make a list of what they want, then help them to prioritize what on the list is more important and have them save for it

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