Learning About Your Child’s Growing Stages

What is childhood anyway? Childhood is a period of massive development. The brain rewires several times over during childhood and the body goes through extraordinary transitions. This has huge effects on the emotions, intelligence, behavior, and the way interact with others.

The consequences are quite profound. It would seem silly to compare to baby with a 5 year old, or the behavior of primary and secondary students. To do so would not be to compare like with like.

Babies in adolescence are almost like different species, but children services do not pay as much attention to child development as they might.

Let’s think about this in two ways. Working with the individual child and working to improve the well-being in all children in a school or community.

Let us draw a box, and divide it into 5 columns, and mark it with living situation, family and social relations, physical and psychological health, social behavior, education and employment.

This is not the only way to categorize a child’s life, but this will do.

Next is to divide the rows into pre-birth, pre-school, primary school, secondary school, and early adulthood. This is a crude way to illustrate childhood development, but it helps.

You have to mark bad behavior in social behavior when he or she misbehaves during a particular period. Let us then look back over the child’s development and see what’s happening.

We talk to the child, and we talk to the parents, and we pick up some facts that might explain what is happening. We focus on physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and behavioral development.